Broadwindsor Group Parish CLT and its partner – Abri – completed their 15 affordable homes in Drimpton in July 2023. The CLT commissioned this beautiful painting of the development by local artist Jenny Beck.

Who We Are

Middlemarch CLH CIC is a social enterprise (a Community Interest Company), established in 2020 following our conversion from an LLP formed in 2013. Our board comprises two non-executive directors, and two executive directors. Our work is delivered by executive directors and a small team of associates. Middlemarch is an active member of the CLT Network, and its strategic direction is informed by a Stakeholder Panel, which includes representatives from CLTs, local authorities, housing associations, Homes England, rural housing enablers, and other key stakeholders.

What We Do

Middlemarch’s objects are “to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to support communities to deliver community led housing schemes, to provide support to the community led housing sector, and to carry out research within the community led housing sector.” Our core work focuses on supporting Community Land Trusts to deliver schemes of affordable homes for local people in their places,and providing services to Housing Associations and Local Authorities to support their work with Community Land Trusts.

Why We Do It

The UK is experiencing a housing crisis, with increasing numbers of households unable to access suitable housing, or spending a disproportionate amount of their income on housing their families – significantly impacting on their lives and local economies. Community Led Housing is one way for communities to contribute to providing the housing that is required. We are driven by the belief that no one understands and cares for a community more than its own residents, and that local people are capable of leading housing projects that deliver better outcomes for communities than if any outside body were to lead a housing project. We also believe that by establishing a CLT, a community is creating a vehicle for local resilience that can lead to a community having greater resources and resilience in the long term.

How We Do It

Middlemarch provides comprehensive technical support to community groups, housing associations and local authorities. We work with communities in the wider sense to enable projects to be realised, with deep expertise in housing development and community development. We provide practical advice to help communities achieve the highest quality of affordable housing given the constraints of planning policy and the availability of funding. We support community groups to make high quality decisions by providing them with information, guidance and brokering partnerships with others who are sympathetic to their visions.

Where We Do It

Our primary area of operation is Devon, Dorset, Somerset. We will also extend our services beyond these regions on an ad hoc basis. This includes undertaking research commissions and providing tailored advice to diverse communities seeking our expertise.

Middlemarch Associates LLP (“Middlemarch”) was incorporated on the 28th March 2013.

Middlemarch Community Led Housing CIC was incorporated on 1st May 2020.

Our track record in delivering the community led housing support services.

  • CLTs incorporated: 50+
  • Housing schemes completed: 20+
  • Housing schemes in progress: 60+. 
  • Homes completed and in progress: c.700.
  • Income to communities from projects completed or in progress (index linked): c. £18m over 125 years.
  • Asset value of homes completed or in progress (at cost): c. £100m.
  • 7 consecutive years of Devon Rural Housing Partnership awards plus, in 2018, 2 inaugural National CLT Network awards.
  • Regular coverage on the BBC, in the regional press, and in community housing sector publications.
  • The engagement of 19 local authorities and 10 housing associations in supporting CLTs.