The Middlemarch Podcast – Episode 7

This month Colin is in conversation with Laura Moss who is a partner at Wrigleys solicitors where she provides professional advice to community led housing groups.

However it’s mostly about her own experiences as part of a newly formed CoHousing group in Cumbria.

The project aims to repurpose an old farm complex and create something more than just a roof over their heads for members of the group.


The Middlemarch Podcast – Episode 6

This month Colin is in conversation with Andrew Bibby, the secretary of Yorkshire based Calder Valley Community Land Trust.

CVCLT have raised community shares, but also gained ‘Registered Provider’ status (to be able to directly access grant from Homes England).

They’ve collaborated with several other local community groups including an Almshouse Trust, building bungalows together on a shared site.

Although their main priority is housing, they’ve taken ownership of a community centre and now have their sights on saving an historic signal box.