The Middlemarch Podcast Episode 11

In an extended episode published during Rural Housing Week (4-8 July 2022), we explore all things rural housing! Normally in each podcast Colin is in conversation with somebody who has been part of a particular community led housing scheme, but this time you can hear from a number of people including a few words from two different Community Land Trusts and two different Housing Associations. Jonathan Layzell, now Executive Director of Development at Stonewater, and Karl Hine, Head of Community Housing at Aster, both talk about the ways in which Housing Associations can engage with Parish Councils and Community Land Trusts, having both once worked as a Rural Housing Enabler in Somerset.

We also hear from Sue Southwell who now works at Somerset West & Taunton District Council but previously spent fourteen years as a Rural Housing Enabler in Devon. Colin also includes a look back at some of the things Elizabeth Maunder (Norton sub Hamdon Community Land Trust) said in the very first episode of the podcast series and a look forward to some of the things Jeremy Holtham (Parracombe Community Trust) will be saying in next month’s episode. If you want to know how your village can do something about housing local people, this podcast is a good place to start.